Our philosophy

”It is desirable to exist a healthy mind in a healthy body”.  Pure ingredients, technologies friendly to environment, old and new secrets of the Greek and Mediterranean cuisine, is the recipe for relish, well-being, health of the body and elevation of the spirit

Dietary advice

The Mediterranean diet is the right diet for the human body. Use extra virgin organic olive oil to your meals. Avoid animal fats and prefer fish meat with omega- 3 fats as your basic protein source

Tasty Recipes

Enjoy wonderful dishes by using original, tasty and healthy recipes based on our products



Sardines and anchovies th!nkgreen, fished in the blue sea of the Northern Aegean Sea. Cooked and prepared while they are still fresh! Delicious th!nkgreen yellow fin tuna of sustainable fishing (F.O.S.)



th!nkgreen organic olives of sustainable agriculture (F.O.E.) from the evergreen island of Thasos



Sweet th!nkgreen “Submarine” with organic mastic from the greek island Chios . Now it comes as a spread, too! Surprise yourself by tasting the th!nkgreen organic loukoumi (delight) with organic mastic from Chios island.