welcome to th!inkgreen

welcome to th!inkgreen

delighting organic food enthusiasts
th!inkgreen products

th!inkgreen products

clean materials, utilizing environmentally friendly technologies
th!inkgreen recipes

th!inkgreen recipes

we have developed our own organic recipes, based on the nutritional needs of our time

find the way of real food

find the way of real food

discover the healthy food: th!inkgreen’s products from original greens

certified organic products

from selected crops all over Greece

th!nkgreen  covers 17 countries worlwide and  two stock houses (Northern Greece and Germany), certified by BIO Hellas,  ISO 22000:2005, FOS – Sustainable Fisheries, FOE – Sustainable Agriculture and operates in fields of good quality organic products from bio-farming.

th!nkgreen philosophy

seeking of sophisticated culinary desires and the offer of high quality at honest prices


Traditional, pure ingredients growing in certified biological farms

from Mediterranean

The old and new secrets of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine

ECO friendly

Environmentally friendly technologies for the processing and manufacture of products

modern approach

The development of new products based on nutritional needs and desires of our time

from mother earth, all around the world

let food
be the medicine
and medicine
be the food

Hippocrates of Kos (c.460 – c.370 BC)
© Lugduni Batavorum, 1665, London Wellcome Library


th!nkgreen  launches an innovative collaboration with Soundpear on the musical representation of its products…