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Presence throughout the country and in 13 countries abroad.


Specialty scientists are involved in the evolution and control of production.


- ISO 22000: 2005
- Sustainable Fisheries F.O.S.
- Sustainable Agriculture F.O.S.

-Nikoleta Avgita Blue bg Our Philosophy Clean materials, utilizing environmentally friendly technologies Since 1988, we have been working extensively on Greek organic foods, using old and new secrets of Mediterranean cuisine, knowing that it is the recipe for deliciousness, wellness, health and spiritual development.

δάφνη Wild yellow fin Tuna
in organic Greek
herbs flavored water brine
Yellowfin Tuna τονος arrow-6 φασκόμηλο origano arrow-5 arrow-2 arrow-1 arrow-6 μελισσόχορτο lemon balm bay laurel oregano sage




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