Loukoumi pie thinkgreen

Chewy and delicious!!

Ingredients: 200 gr. organic delights (loukoumi) of thinkgreen’s Chios mastic, 100 gr. yogurt, some pine nuts


Take the marshmallows (loukoumies) and roll them with your hands, just as we do with dough. If you see that it sticks, sprinkle the working surface with powder sugar. After you have opened it by hand, continue with the rolling pin to roll it out slightly and slowly, until it becomes thin. If necessary, sprinkle it with powdered sugar. It doesen’t need to form a perfect circle!
Lay evenly 2 tablespoons of yogurt at the one end of the loukoumi and drop on it some pine nuts.

Roll it and when you get to the edge, wrap it in a snail shape. Serve it on a platter!

You can make loukoumi-pies stuffed with cream as they do in Konstantinopol. Try it and you will not regret it! It’s tasty! It’s innovative!

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