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The story behind th!nkgreen

th!nkgreen Natural Goods company was founded in May 2003 by people with knowledge in organic products since 1988. Although the company was founded in 2003 our effort started six years earlier. Company executives searched the Greek province in order to find organic farming’s with the prerequisite procedures and specifications. Having identified the appropriate raw materials they began testing for finding traditional growing and manufacturing units that would support the production and packaging of all these goods.

After the completion of this step, the company passed into the stage of formation and realization of its objectives. Today we cover the Greek market as well other markets of 17 countries abroad. In order to serve our customers, in addition to production units, we maintain two stock houses of finished products. One is in northern Greece and one in Germany. We participate regularly in international exhibitions for organic, traditional and premium products. The company’s headquarters is in Thessaloniki. Director of the company is Nicoleta Augita. She has a rich background of study in marketing, finance and production engineering, as well as experience in the sector of organic products in Greece and abroad. Panagiotis Koukakis is our finance manager, an expert in economics and finance. Nutritionists, food chemists and members of professional organizations are involved in the development and testing of our products.

Our company is certified by BIO-HELLAS and has also relevant certification of ISO 22000: 2005 by TUV Hellas.

The company operates in fields of good quality food, in the category of organic products, in Greece and abroad, based mainly on Greek and Mediterranean diet with fine materials from bio-farming.

Our Philosophy

Company’s philosophy is expressed by the seeking of sophisticated culinary desires and the offer of high quality at honest prices obtained by

100% biological

Traditional, pure ingredients growing in certified biological farms


The old and new secrets of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine

Eco friendly

The use of environmentally friendly technologies for the processing and manufacture of products

Modern view

The development of new products based on nutritional needs and desires of our time.


Our products in 13 countries


categories of biological products

Th!nkgreen's Actions

Sustainability of national fisheries

Proposals for sustainable fishing in our country.

International Concern

Participation in international conferences on sustainable fishing.

Sustainability of fishing fleets

At a global level, in order to help fleets to improve their sustainability, and assist merchants and consumers interested in sustainable catches, th!nkgreen is engaged in schemes to improve sustainability of fishing fleets.

Align with international standards

The aim of these programs is to bring the current fleet level certification in accordance with international standards such as those of Friend of the Sea and Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

Northern Aegean Sea plan

th!nkgreen in collaboration with government agencies and vector Friend of the Sea (FOS) tries to certify the Northern Aegean Sea for the implementation of the model of sustainable fishing.

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