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  • Yellow-fin Tuna in organic olive oil

  • FETA CHEESE FR-product-image

    Feta Cheese (PDO)

  • SKLIRO_TYRI_FR-product-image

    Greek organic semihard grill-cheese with mint

  • GOAT CHEESE FR-product-image

    Organic Greek goat’s cheese in brine

  • Organic loukoumi (delight) with mastic from Chios Island

  • Organic roasted eggplant salad

  • Organic roasted red peppers

  • Organic Greek Retsina white wine

  • Organic Thassos black thruba olive

  • WILD TUNA WATER EN-product-image

    Wild yellowfin tuna in brine with flavored water made from organic Greek herbs

  • Organic blackhead olive Throumba from Thasos with herbs

  • Ouzo from 100% organic ingredients, double-distilled 700ml

  • OLIVES KALAMATA VASE EL EN-product-image

    Olives from Kalamata

  • Ouzo from 100% organic ingredients, double-distilled 200ml

  • Smoked Tuna in Greek extra virgin organic olive oil

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