Feta cheese (PDO)

Feta Cheese PDO in brine, full of flavor, with that authentic feta taste profile

Feta Cheese PDO th!nkgreen comes from 100% fresh organic Greek sheep and goat milk from a fully integrated unit in Eastern Macedonia, Greece. The animal feed composition is checked regularly, according to needs.

Our Feta cheese is produced traditionally using sheep and goat milk, in modern facilities which meet all international safety standards. Preserved in brine. The maturing of our Feta cheese takes 3-5 months.


Reference NrNet WeightDrain WeightPackagingShelf Life
02.001.00200200 g /pack200 g /pack10-pack box (vacuum pack in a cartboard box)6-8 months
02.021.037003,7 kg /pack3,7 kg /pack1 metal container, in brine12 months


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