Organic roasted red peppers

Combined with the balanced flavor of garlic, vinegar and olive oil, it offers an exceptional dining experience

Crispy, rich fleshy roasted peppers. We have selected peppers from Florina because they are not only tasty but are also low in calories and rich in vitamins C, A, K, B6, and E.

Joining forces with the balanced flavor of garlic, vinegar, and olive oil, it offers an exceptional dining experience. We select only the longest and straightest organic peppers for easy peeling. We wash and dry the peppers, place them on a roasting pan and cook them for a few minutes evenly on each side. This procedure must be done quickly. Then, we let them cool down on a clean surface, cut the stem and remove the seeds. Carefully removing the skin, we place them in a glass jar and add slices of garlic, parsley and drizzle them with vinegar.

With the addition of organic Greek olive oil, the roasted red th!nkgreen peppers are ready for your table.


Reference NrNet WeightDrain WeightPackagingShelf Life
00.701.90290290 g /pack290 g /pack6-pack box2 years


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