Organic Thassos black “throuba” olive

An original delicious taste experience

“Throuba” is an unusual variety of black olives, in which a very special way of drying is used, producing a quite unique flavor, truly a task for the specialist. Black olives are richer in total tocopherols than green and are the only ones containing β-tocopherols and a-tocotrienols.

Special features of the th!nkgreen organic “throuba”

  • Ripen on the tree and picked by hand
  • hey have the unique taste of the ‘Thassos’ island variety
  • Kept at low salinity
  • Packaged in a modified nitrogen atmosphere
  • Sustainable Agriculture, certified by FOE – Friend of the Earth.


The amount of salt does not exceed 4%, allowing the olive to be preserved without making it too salty. The modified nitrogen atmosphere method applied during packaging, ensures that the olive isn’t compressed and so will retain its liquids, together with all beneficial ingredients.


Reference NrNet WeightDrain WeightPackagingShelf Life
00.100.90200200 g /pack200 g /pack6-pack boxAt least 2 years
00.100.925002,5 kg /pack2,5 kg /pack4-pack boxAt least 2 years


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