Spicy salted anchovy anchovy in Greek extra virgin olive oil

Traditionally hand-made, from the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean

Anchovy from the clear waters of the Aegean is considered one of the most delicious fish of its kind. Traditionally caught mainly in the area of Mount Athos, only the freshest fish are used by th!nkgreen. Anchovies are traditionally hand-made. After removing the head, they are pasted with coarse sea salt and left in barrels to cure for 2-3 months. Thus th!nkgreen’s anchovy fillets retain the tender flavor of the fish with the aromas of Greek olive oil. It just melts on the palate. Enjoy!

Special features of th!nkgreen salted anchovy:

  • Fished in the North Aegean
  • We use only fresh fish
  • Traditionally made by hand
  • Dipped in organic Greek olive oil selected from many different regions to blend in with the anchovy flavor.
  • Contains an excellent variety of organic red pepper.


th!nkgreen‘s anchovy fillet can be enjoyed on its own as an appetizer, with the special th!nkgreen ouzo, in salads, in pizzas, baked vegetables, and of course in most pasta sauces.


Reference NrNet WeightDrain WeightPackagingShelf Life
00.112.4005050 g /pack30 g /pack42-piece box (7 x 6 packs x 50g)3 years

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