Yellowfin tuna in organic olive oil

Albacares yellowfin tuna renowned for its excellent quality the world over

th!nkgreen’s selected yellowfin tuna is from the fine albacares variety with a yellowish fin and pale pink in color is famed for its delicious tender flavor. Caught in the Atlantic Ocean, it is compliant with the Dolphin-safe Treaty, where sustainable fishing is observed. The rich tuna meat dipped in organic Greek cold-pressed olive oil gives it that distinctive taste.

Special features of our tuna:

  • Sustainably fished
  • Compliant with the Dolphin Safe Treaty
  • Rich in omega-3 fatty acids
  • Dipped in organic Greek olive oil, giving it just the perfect taste


Reference NrNet WeightDrain WeightPackagingShelf Life
00.011.40160160 g /pack104 g /pack16-pack box3 years
00.023.91800800 g /pack650 g /pack6-pack box6 years

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